What do you pray every day?

Several years ago, with the inspiration from a praying pastor, I decided to write out a prayer and pray it every day. Not vain repetitions! But I find it amazing how quickly my mind jumps around and I want to make sure that I focus on His Presence every morning, even before I read my Bible.

I have tweaked it several times over the last several years as I grow and learn more about Him. Here it is. With my comments/explanations along the way.

Good morning, Lord! Thank You for the gift of another day to live for You. Thank You, Jesus, for Your Presence. Oh, Lord Jesus, my beloved, may I be a joy to You. I love You.

Yes, I honestly believe that I can give Jesus joy. It has been part of my “development” through the years as I began to comprehend just a little of His love for me. When I actually came to the place where I could honestly say, “I am the beloved of Jesus.”

Search my heart. Remove any sign of rebelliousness. Purify me. You.

I don’t try to “scrounge up” some faults or sins or weaknesses, but I do want to be open always to the Lord to show me where I need cleansing and forgiveness. And yes, I do sometimes find a rebellious spirit within!

Purify me.

I think it has been about 15 years or so since I began praying that God would purify me. Before that–I was afraid to pray it because I feared He would make me suffer to purify me! But, coming to grips with the fact that God is good and what He does is good, I decided I had nothing to fear! Oh yes, it might be painful! But…good.

Quiet my mind so that I’m in tune with You.

This is a sentence I have added more recently as I have begun to understand some of the concepts of quieting your mind and body. When I need to, I even do some exercises to help. I don’t want my mind running wild when I am trying to talk with the Lord, and more importantly, listen to Him.

Speak to me through Your Word. Let me see You. 

I consider my Bible reading as part of my prayer time. It is a critical way He speaks to us, and that He reveals Who He is so I try to have that focus as I read. (Not always successfully!)

Help me listen to Your voice, to let You speak to my heart, and when it is instruction, to be quick to obey because I love You. And because You love me. 

Ah yes, listening to His voice. Not only when He is telling me of His love, but when He is telling me what to do. If I love Him, I will want to obey Him–even if I’m not excited about it. But…He loves me. Why would I not seek to listen and obey.

Today I lay down my own goals and seek Your assignments. I will love my husband and put his interests first. 

Ah yes, the “others first” thing! How many times have I been frustrated because “my” goals were thwarted. I usually think my daily goals are good and important. But it can make me very insensitive to what the Lord is asking. Or what my husband’s needs are.

I will seek to love my children and grandchildren in tangible ways and to influence them for the Kingdom. 

This may be different for you but my children and grandchildren kind of take extra effort because most of them are in other lands. It isn’t always easy to have the personal contact that I desire. And then I think of the challenges especially for my grandchildren who are faced with increasing deterioration of society. I want to be sure I do my part to let them know they are cherished by God and by me, and that there is absolute truth and their lives will be blessed as they build their lives on that Truth.

Today I ask for Your Wisdom with my work, with my communications, with my relationships. Help me redeem the time. Guide me in my thoughts, words and actions.

And every day I ask for wisdom. The Bible says

He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good.

Proverbs 19:8

Wisdom–the Bible also tells us we are blessed if we are listening for wisdom, daily. (Prov. 8:34) And we are encouraged to ask for wisdom whenever we need it. (James 1:5) And I know I need it every day. And so I ask–every day–often more than once.

Give me Your Strength for every task you set  before me. 

Sometimes it seems like I don’t have the strength for my tasks. And then it is time to examine what I’m doing because God promises His strength to us. And I seem to so quickly pick up more than I can do. All good things! Not all “my” tasks.

I commit this day to You. 

And every day I end my prayer like this. It is a reminder to me that this day, which He has so graciously given me, is His day.

Praying like this keeps me centered. Yes, some days I run through it quickly. But, when I do that, I usually also go back and try to focus on at one least part

Seek His face continually.

For me, prayer is seeking the Lord. Confirming His presence in my daily life. Enjoying Him. Attuning my heart to His heart. And what joy it gives me every morning to start my day with Him. If you have not developed this habit, it’s NEVER too late to start.

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5 months ago

Aaaannnnddd… perfect timing! Forwarding this to a few of my friends!

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